Error Configuring a New On-Line Survey Project


You get a message that is similar to the following: (note, this affects all versions of SurveyPro from 3.0 forward)

One or more survey or report files expected for this project were missing or published at different times, specifically:
“file name”.st3.
Unable to proceed with setup.


This issue is caused by a SurveyPro specific file that was created before the Congressionally mandated change in the timing of Daylight Saving Time.  The file in question, StlCvt09J.dll, creates a date-time group that is embedded into the .ST3 file associated with the project.  The issue stems from the fact that the date-time group is one hour off and as such, NetCollect will refuse to publish the project.

The solution is quite simple.  The SurveyPro Development Team created a revised DLL which needs to be downloaded from our web site, unzipped and copied into the Program sub-directory where the SurveyPro executable resides.

The direct download for the file is After downloading the file you should unzip it to your desktop.  Once you are ready to copy the file you should locate the Program directory specific to your version.

In SurveyPro 3.0 the default directory is C:\Program Files\Apian Software\SurveyPro 30\Program\

In SurveyPro 4.0 the default directory is C:\Program Files\Apian Software\SurveyPro 40\Program\

At this time please ensure that SurveyPro is not running.  Once you have located the correct directory you should find and rename the file from StlCvt09J.dll to StlCvt09J.old.  This step allows you to quickly revert should something else go awry.

After renaming the file simply copy and paste the unzipped file from your desktop into the Program sub-directory.

After you restart SurveyPro you will be required to republish any projects that demonstrated the error message.  The .ST3 needs to be recreated along with the rest of the files set.