Adding columns to a grid

As you start a new grid, change to the Advanced option screens on the first screen of the wizard.

When you advance through the screens and get to the Columns dialog you can add as many columns here as space on your survey will allow.  Each column can have a different scale applied. If you already have a grid created just go to the General tab and change to the Advanced Options screens; several additional tabs will appear. The Columns tab is the one you need to add additional columns to your grid. Click the Plus sign “+” at the top of the screen to add a new column. Then click the question mark “?” in the Scale column for the new row. The defined scales will appear in the bottom left of the screen. Simply click the desired scale.

Each row in this dialog corresponds to a grid column. Be careful not to delete the first item on the list, this is the column, R-Labels, that contains the question text for each question on the grid.  Also, note that Auto groups are based upon each column in this case, they are not based upon the whole grid.  You can, of course, manually create Groups based upon the two Auto groups or the individual questions.

Just a caution that you can overwhelm your respondents if you bunch too many question choices in a single grid.  At times it is better to spread out the questions and the scale so as not to confuse the respondent.  Also, you can modify the width of the area that SurveyPro uses to display question tiles by adjusting the pixel value in the ‘Survey width’ box on the ‘Web Page’ tab of the ‘Document Properties’ dialog.  An explanation of this can be found on page 61 of the NetCollect User Guide.