Data transfer between Principia Remark Office OMR and SurveyPro


When you work with Remark and SurveyPro, you need to export your survey information from SurveyPro and import the survey as a scanning template into Remark. Then, when you’re done scanning, you need to reverse the process with the data collected in Remark.  This process works smoothly as long as you use the correct file formats.

More Information

Here are the steps for working with Remark and SurveyPro:

- Create the survey in SurveyPro.

- In SurveyPro, export the survey to .ST3 format with No Data Exported. The ST3 format contains the questionnaire definition which includes Questions, Scales and data entry locations.

  1. On the Database menu, choose Export To, then Survey Tag Language 3.0 (.st3)
  2. Choose a filename and location for your .ST3 file and click Save
  3. On the General tab, under Data Forms to Export, select No Data Out. Click Next
  4. Click Finish
  5. Type a name for your mapping and click Yes
  6. Click OK

- In Remark, open the ST3 file.

1. On the File menu, choose Open Template, and use the ST3 file.  Remark will create a database in which to contain the scanned data in accordance with the definition contained in the ST3.

2. It is then important that you use the ‘Reset Images’ tool in the Template editor to set the electronic template (that .ST3 file) to an image of the form itself.

3. Scan the forms and correct any missed answers.

- Still in Remark, use Save Data As to save the data to the .SRV format.

- Open your SurveyPro file and import the .SRV file back into SurveyPro.

  1. On the Database menu, choose Import from, and then choose Comma Delimited ASCII
  2. Change Files of Type to All Files and locate the .SRV file
  3. An Import dialog appears. On the General tab, make sure First Record is Field Names is checked
  4. On the Field Matchup tab the questions in SurveyPro are in the top window and the raw data you are importing is in the bottom window. Put the number of the correct Field from the bottom window to match the correct question in the top window
  5. Click Finish. By default, the imported forms will be appended to the forms already in the database
  6. Click yes if you want to save the Import Map for future imports of the .SRV format