Executive Summary Report and Filters


The easiest way to use a filter in your Executive Summary is to use SurveyPro’s “Report On – Repeat” function with a copy of the Executive Summary.   Note that the Executive Summary was never intended to used as a viable up-channel reporting tool.  Its purpose is to allow a survey administrator to verify the health and participation of the survey.  As such, there are very few options available and most characteristics of the report are not able to be edited.

Report On is one of the greatest time-savers you will encounter in SurveyPro. It allows you to tailor an entire report document to a sub-group, such as a quarter, region, or manager—in just a few clicks. Or instead of just creating one version, you can have it replicate the report for each manager or location, up to 64,000 versions at once!

More Information

1. With the Executive Summary open, go to Document and choose Copy Document. This will give an editable version of the Executive Summary.
2. Go to Document, and choose Report On. In the middle of the screen, place a checkmark next to the Apply Repeat checkbox.
3. You will notice that below this a field will appear that says Repeat On and is defaulting to Question. From this pull down list, choose the question that will be the basis of the filter. Click OK.
4. Scroll to the top of the document (make sure that the top tile is highlighted) and then select Insert, Inline Text.
5. You should now be in the Text Content dialog. Notice the Text Palate pop-up at right. On the text palate look for and click on the button that says #4. From that area, choose the item that says RptOn Doc Step. Click OK.

You should now have a label at the top of the report that changes to reflect the “step” or record that you are on.