Sharing questions among questionnaires


If the same question needs to appear in more than one questionnaire in a single SurveyPro file, you can share the question rather than reproducing it. This will make reporting easier.

More Information

If you have a question in one survey that you want to put into a different survey:

1. Click on the question tile to highlight it. (When the tile is highlighted, you will see an orange border around it.)
2. On the Edit menu, choose copy.
3. Click on the tab for the second questionnaire.
4. Highlight the location where you want to place the question.
5. On the Edit menu, choose paste.

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Notes: It is NOT possible to copy and paste questions from the Object Tree.

It is not possible to use the same question tile more than once on the same survey. You can copy and paste the tile so it appears to be duplicated but internally the program is setting a separate question number for the second question.  You can, of course, group those two different questions together and report on the results.

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Using shared questions in reports:

With a shared question you can report on all data for that question at the same time or use Form Select Filters to show just the data for one of the surveys.